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a few words from our director

I always dream to give the world a new touch of design with a certain style that is innovative, unique and original.

In the years of my work, i have the opportunity to meet with many special individuals. I realize every client is different. My passion is always to create personalized furniture that reflects their individual personality, character and artistic taste.

The collection that I proudly present here is called Joop Fine Living. It is hoped to be a breakthrough collection that revolutionize the world of design which not only signify quality but redefine the meaning of artistic value.

our mission

We provide the finest full-service architecture/interior design services in the most detailed and smart way to combine functionality with luxury and create a space of beauty and comfort.
Our attention to detail is foundational to the successful completion of our projects, while maintaining the highest level of service and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

our values

  • We work, think, and do details
  • We are driven to be the best
  • We are commited to our clients who value great design
  • There are many ways to express beauty but there's only one way that we'd like to do it is our way
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